Need for Professional Carpet Cleaners

Need for Professional Carpet Cleaners

Our living room carpets and area rugs tend to get very dirty owing to lot of foot traffic. The accumulated soil, dirt, stains, food particles, pet urine, spilled liquids and grit are major reasons for significantly reduced carpet and fabric life. This leads to the breeding of mites and bacteria which could prove to be very harmful for your family’s health. What we see through our naked eyes is only a tiny fraction of the soil and dirt that the carpet contains. The deep-rooted grime amounts to approximately 85% of the dirt that lies buried deep inside the pile.

The carpet life expectancy increases: Periodic professional care can keep your carpet clean and hygienic. It increases the life-span of your regular carpet.

Adequate Stain removal: Stains from spilled beverages, pet urines, food particles and dirt can spoil the carpet and make it look very ugly. Home remedies can cause irreversible damage to the sensitive fiber and fabrics. Vigorous scrubbing and rubbing could damage the surface too. The choice of right cleaning solution and cleaning methodology is very important. Special care needs to be taken to choose a spot cleaner that is color safe. Typical Carpet shampooers’ use a lot of chemicals which could make your carpet look glittery at the beginning, but could cause fatal internal damage to the fabric longevity.

Elimination of Bacteria and mites: A dirty carpet loaded with dust, rotting micro-food particles and pet urine could be a breeding ground for bacteria, allergens and pollutants. Norovirus, popularly known as Norwalk Virus, often found occurring in dirty carpets and upholstery causes stomach problems and digestive problems. Salmonella, another notorious virus is often associated with contaminated food. However, the virus can be tracked right at your home, your carpet and vacuum cleaners. So if you have kids who pick up fallen food from the carpet and pop it into the mouth, its time you take precautions.

Protect Your Investment: Carpets are expensive and it’s necessary that you take good care of your carpet and area rugs.

Bonnet Cleaning Vs Wet Cleaning

The type of cleaning required significantly varies with the nature of dirt and interval of periodic cleaning.

Wet Cleaning also known as Hot Water Extraction (Steam Cleaning) involves treating the carpet with a cleansing solution that liquefies soil and dirt-particles. Subsequently, water is heated to its boiling point, pressurized and injected into the carpet. Next, the water is extracted using vacuum. This method is particularly useful for carpets that have deep-rooted dirt, lots of stains, dust and needs heavy cleaning.

Bonnet Cleaning is preferred when routine light-weight cleaning could do the trick. The carpet is first vacuumed thoroughly and a chemical solution is sprayed into it using a hand-sprayer or electric-pump-sprayer. The solution stays on the carpet for some time. The absorbent pad or bonnet, that looks more like a towel is placed on a rotary floor machine and spun over the carpet at 200-300 rpm. This repeated action removes the soil and leaves the carpet relatively clean. This method however is not capable of removing deep-rooted dirt and germs.

A professional carpet cleaning inspection team could inspect your carpet, the dirt condition and advice you on the type of cleaning required.

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